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Families Stay Safe!

"Full service security with alarms, CCTV, & monitoring"

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Businesses are Safe!

"Peace and Secure"

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Safety is our priority!

"Experienced Certified Technicians"

Looking for a quality and affordable service?

Full Protection

All Certified Alarm Protection Services (C.A.P.S.) professionals -- from our technicians to our monitoring operators, support and staff includes the best industry professional leading technical training. Our hard-working professionals who truly define the company and uphold its solid reputation.

Management via App

Our Clients appreciate the user-friendly design of the Certified Alarm Protection Services's Security system. It allows the user the option to manage their security device by mobile app.  After all, security systems should be secure, easy to use for everyone in the family. Our system is effective because it relies on much more than just a loud siren.

HD Video Camera

For our residential services the user may have the option to actively see the activity at their property.  Business property can opt to have their property under 24 / 7 hours under suveillance.  Adding additional security and sound mind.


Our can work by 2 way.  Execellent product for Seniors in event of their need for help.

Technical Support

We offer top-Quality installation. Monitoring and customer care are provided by Certified Alarm Protection Services employees or approved indedendent contractors. We bring together the homeowner, the police, fire or emergency response agencies and the company in a three-way relationship. And C.A.P.S. Home Security has taken a variety of precautionary steps to avoid unnecessary police dispatches and help clients avoid local false alarm fees.


Our technicians and customer service representative are trained and must obtain the company approved certification which means they are ready and able to help our customers.

Security Check

Our expert security technicians would first assess your security need.  This includes assessments of the most vulnerable areas.

Security Plan

After assessment, our security expert team would provide you with a layout for the best security protection.

Wiring installation

Our security expert team would install the best security products and easy to use products for the customer.

View our Video Demo

Check out the easy to use security video.